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The Winterton Museum provides visitors with an interesting destination, located in the scenic Drakensberg. The museum was officially opened in 1993, by Sheila Henderson. The museum is located on Church street, and showcases the history of the local farming communities in the area, as well as a representation of the earliest inhabitants of the area, which includes Stone Age, Iron Age, and the San people who fled from Shaka's invading armies during the Mfecane, as well as the first white people in the region, the Voortrekkers and early English settlers.

Various historical items and reproductions of San art can be found at the Winterton museum, accompanied by excellent insights into their lifestyle and culture, and how it was depicted in their art. Also housed in the museum is a unique gallery of San paintings, and various other exhibits which include a display highlighting South Africa's first democratic elections, the battles of Spioenkop and Vaalkrans which occurred in the region, and a blacksmith shop.

The blacksmith shop is equipped with tools and equipment, and features the Weston Caravan, which was designed by Maxmillian John Ludwich Weston. Weston designed numerous electrical and mechanical equipment which he had patented, and also was the author of a number of books. With the help of a cousin, Weston installed first electric lights in the Paris Opera House, and became the first South African to build a powered flying machine.

A notable attraction is the reconstructed Zulu beehive kraal, which was built by the local Ngwane people next to the museum. The huts were constructed using materials and methods used by their ancestors. Local farmers have donated old farm implements previously used by their forefathers, and forms an interesting collection at the museum. Another widely popular exhibit at the Winterton
museum is the collection of photographs of the local San rock art. The picture were taken by the son of well known author Reg Pearse, and form the exhibit along with various other San artifacts.

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday 09h00 to 15h00, Saturday 09h00 to 12h00
Contact : +27 (0) 36 488 1885

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