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Didima Gorge was once called the Valley of the Bushman, and strong evidence has been found, suggesting that this area was the very last stronghold of Bushman hunter gatherers in the Drakensberg. Over a thousand painted images are located in hidden caves throughout the valley.

The San Art Interpretive Centre is located at Didima in the Cathedral Peak Valley in South Africa, and was opened in 2003. The Didima San art interpretive centre, provides visitors with fascinating and informative insights into the art and culture of the Bushmen and includes various static displays and a number of audio visual presentations. The centre is built on a Heritage site, and the interior designed to resemble a cave, the natural setting of San Rock Art.

The centre includes a number of interpretative displays, and a San "cave", with a fibre optic night sky, and a fiberglass moulded charcoal fire place, lit from beneath giving the appearance of glowing coals, where visitors can listen to Bushman folktales from the Drakensberg area. The highlight is a magnificently built auditorium where visitors can view an audio visual presentation, which introduces them into the imagery of the eland and its significance as a religious and supernatural force. The main focus in the Auditorium is a spectacular reproduction of the famous San art site located in the Didima Gorge known as "Bothas Cave" .The Auditorium seats an audience of a hundred people for the audio visual experience, and feature state of the art lighting and sound systems, as well as a fog machine for added effect. The San Rock Art centre is also wheelchair friendly.

There is a shop at the Didima camp, which sells various curios, souvenirs and limited supplies, as well as a Restaurant which serves all meals, a social bar and a specially allocated smoking Lounge with DSTV in the main Didima Lodge. Didima camp also has a Wedding chapel and a Conference facility.

The centre hopes to assist the public in focusing attention not only on the amount of rock art which was produced by the South Eastern San, but also the quality and value of these ancient works. The protection of this mountain habitat plays an extremely role in both biodiversity and cultural heritage. Time and man are taking their toll on the paintings.

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