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The fifty five hectare Hawaan forest, situated near the Umhlanga lagoon is a climax dry coastal dune forest, and the last of its kind on the KwaZulu Natal coast. The forest is a unique indigenous woodland area that supports a massive variety of bird and wildlife. The forest is also said to house more varieties of trees than the entire area of Europe.

The Hawaan Forest serves as an ideal setting for family picnics. Nestled between suburban Umhlanga and the immaculate Umhlanga beach the forest is the perfect location for a peaceful day outing. The forest is well maintained by local conservation and the trails are easily accessible and safe. There are bridges that span the lagoon allowing easy access to a popular fishing beach on the ocean side of the forest

Mammals found in the forest include mongoose, vervet monkeys, bushbuck and red duiker. The Hawaan forest is currently under the guardianship of the Wildlife and Environment Society of Southern Africa (WESSA), but is owned by the Tongaat Hulett Group. The forest is well preserved and due to this, the beautiful hiking trails are not open to the general public. Instead, walks through the Hawaan Forest need to be arranged by contacting the Umhlanga Centre of Wildlife.

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