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Giants Cup Wilderness Reserve which is located in the Southern Drakensberg, is considered by many as one of South Africa's premier trout fly-fishing destinations , and is a registered with UNESCO as a site of Conservation Significance. The area is home to abundant varieties of wildlife and waterfowl. Giants Cup has been called "one of the most beautiful fly-fishing destinations on the planet", by well known author and fly-fishing enthusiast R. Kirby. The wilderness area is also the location of the Umzimkulwana River, and a lake full of wild-spawning rainbow and brown trout, making it an open, naturally self-sustaining fishery. The Giants Cup hatchery produces 95% of the trout used throughout the Southern Drakensberg. Giants Cup Hatchery specialises in the production of live angling trout. A breeding programme based on the wild gene pool that has existed in the Umzimkulu headwaters since 1922 is used at the hatchery, and the farm hatches out up to a million fish annually, as well as supplying angling fish throughout Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape Southern Drakensberg.

The Giant's cup wilderness reserve is home to a variety of wildlife which includes eland, mountain reedbuck, oribi, lynx, otters and a diversity of birdlife and waterfowl. The area boasts an impressive list of more than two hundred various species of birds, and includes a the endangered Bearded Vulture, Jackal buzzard, both Black and Martial eagles as well as Secretary birds. Smaller birds such as sugarbirds, sunbirds and flycatchers are endemic to the area. Other species occasionally sighted in the region are such as the blue and wattled cranes migrate to the area during summer months, while several species including the fairy flycatcher make their way down the Drakensberg from Lesotho during winter.

The Giant's Cup hiking trail serves as a brilliant introduction to hiking in the Drakensberg for beginners and slightly less energetic hikers seeking a trail of moderate difficulty. The trail passes through magnificent pristine areas, with excellent overnight accommodation also available. The trail leads visitors through areas consisting mainly of grassland, with patches of forest in some of the valleys, as well as mountain fynbos. The trail runs along the Drakensberg foothills from Sani Pass to Bushman's Nek and provides visitors with awe inspiring views which look down onto the lowlands below, as well as views towards the awesome escarpment seeing impressive landmarks like Giant's Cup and Rhino Peak. Along the trail there are numerous caves which display more than one hundred and six various examples of San rock art. The region also features many clear mountain streams and beautiful pools such as the Ngewa Pool, as well as a waterfall in the Killiecrankie Stream towards the end of the route.

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