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Chintsa, formerly known as Cintsa, meaning ‘river of crumbling banks’ in Xhosa, is the start of the Eastern Cape, Wild Coast - a section of unspoilt African Eastern Cape coastline with over 12km of sandy beach and natural forest, perfect for sunbathing, fishing, birding and hiking. Chintsa is in actual fact two little villages lying on the banks of the Chintsa River and estuary - Chintsa East (Cintsa) lies on the north shore of the Chintsa River (Cintsa), nestled between the lagoon and indigenous forest, and Chintsa West the less developed of the two, lies to the south of Chintsa River. Widely known to have the 'best weather in the world’, Cintsa's tropical year-round climate makes for mild temperatures, ideal for 'year after year' return visits to this beautiful part of the Eastern Cape.

Cintsa, Eastern Cape, offers visitors the treat of a lifetime between July and September, when the Southern Right Whale can be sighted along the Eastern Cape coast. Also not to be missed is the unique and unexplained phenomenon of the annual 'Sardine Run,' generally around June. This is when the Eastern Cape coast comes to life with an energetic buzz as the tiny silver fish beach. Considered to be the greatest shoal on earth, these billions of fish bring with them numerous larger game fish, dolphins, sharks, seals, whales and a variety of birdlife seeking an easy meal, making Chintsa's annual ocean extravaganza undoubtedly one of the most spectacular Eastern Cape marine events.

For an experience of another kind, go game viewing just 8km away from Chintsa East, the Inkwenkwezi Game Reserve is home to the Big Five and a variety of antelope, as well as giraffe and zebra. This magnificent Eastern Cape reserve is also where you can enjoy a 'once in a lifetime' elephant back safari.
Also go hiking in the East London Coast Nature Reserve (35 minutes from Cintsa) - a lush combination of coastal forest, valley and dune thicket, grassland and thorn bushveld. This is where leopards still finds refuge, as well as blue duiker, tree dassies, and exotic birdlife like Cape Parrots and Crowned Eagles

When you’re not horse riding on the Cintsa beach, or taking long walks along the surf-line, go eat at the Chintsa Country Bumpkin Restaurant, where you can experience the true essence of Eastern Cape hospitality in a rustic yet chic, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. For traditional home-style African food, Emthombeni Restaurant will feed you with delicious flavourful meals made from the freshest ingredients. For the beer lover, visit the Chintsa Emerald Vale Brewery (Cintsa), where you can sample beer made using rain water and all natural ingredients.

Visit Eastern Cape towns near Chintsa / Cintsa:

Travelling south from Cintsa:
Glengariff (17.6km from Cintsa), an Eastern Cape paradise like you've never experienced before.
Kwelera (24.8km from Chintsa), where the coast is wild with vegetation, and rocky tidal pools are pounded by waves.
Beacon Bay (38.1km from Chintsa), considered to be one of the most picturesque towns in the Eastern Cape.
Gonubie (39.4km from Cintsa) has one of the most exceptional Blue Flag beaches on the Eastern Cape, Wild Coast.
East London (51km from Chintsa) where visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports and outdoor activities.

Travelling north from Cintsa:
Eastern Cape, Haga Haga (51km from Chintsa), set against the panoramic backdrop of the Eastern Cape's rolling green hills.