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Lake Jozini Dam in Swaziland encompasses the Royal Jozini Big 6 Private Estate, a Swaziland Private Game Reserve located in the foothills of the Lubombo Mountains (also known as The Lebombo Mountains). Royal Jozini Big 6 Estate includes the northern part of Lake Jozini in Swaziland, which lies on both sides of the Swaziland - South African border. The South African section of the Jozini Dame is commonly called the Pongolapoort Dam area. One may ask why the Swaziland estate refers to The Big 6 - because of the inclusion of the famous tiger fish.

The Lake Jozini Dam Area features wide open spaces in contrast with the majestic Lubombo Mountains, while Lake Jozini Dam itself lies in the heart of the virtually untouched African bushveld, marula forests and rugged mountains. Accompanied by resident hippos and crocodiles, a cruise on Lake Jozini Dam offers splendid Big 5 game viewing from the water, while the song of hundreds of bird species makes this is a Lake Jozini bird watchers utopia. Lake Jozini in the entire Jozini Dam / Pongolapoort area is renowned for its 27 species of fish, especially the ferocious tiger fish which can be caught year-round. Lake Jozini Dam is probably the only other Tiger Fishing facility south of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. Lake Jozini tiger fishing enthusiasts claim that although Lake Jozini Dam tiger fish are plentiful and great fun to catch, they are not as large as the tiger fish in Kariba Dam.

The luxurious aesthetic Jozin Dam Self Catering accommodation and Lake Jozini Tented accommodation fits in seamlessly with the raw terrain, making your stay in the Jozini Dam Area of Swaziland a true African experience.

Accommodation in the Lake Jozini Dam Area is restricted to The Royal Jozini Big 6 private Estate - Lake Jozini Dam accommodation is perfectly situated for easy access to the Jozini Dam. See Where to Stay for more details of Lake Jozini Dam accommodation

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