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The small village of Norvalspont is situated on the junction of the Northern Cape, the Free State and the Eastern Cape borders and is just a short distance from the Gariep Dam, about forty kilometers from Colesberg. More than anything else, the town is infamous for its Concentration Camp, laid out by the British during the Anglo-Boer War in 1901. The camp was used for refugees and misplaced persons with a separate wired off portion for prisoners of war. The bulk of the inhabitants, however were woman and children who were removed from their homes and either taken by ox-wagon or train to the camp. Sometimes they had to walk .

In April 1900 the camp already had 1596 inhabitants. By August of that year the number had inceased to 3215. While the camp was run by the military authorities , it was guarded by sentries. However by March 1901 the camp was under civilian administration that meant that all sentries were withdrawn .The camp’s sanitary arrangements were excellent. The inhabitants bathed in the Orange River and water was laid on from a spring for cooking purposes.

Spectacular sunsets and night skies may be seen from this small village. Visitors can enjoy the clean, crisp, Karoo air while river rafting or horse riding along the Orange River.