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Sunset at St Helena Bay, West Coast© Graham Maclachlan
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Just 150 km west from Cape Town, on Route 27, St Helena Bay is recognised as one of the calmest and one of only three natural bays in the world where it is possible to see the sun rise and set over the sea. St Helena Bay was named by Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama and is an important fishing centre, providing support for the local economy. Fish processing factories around St Helena Bay supply over half the fish in South Africa and the bay is known for its crayfish, anchovies and snoek.

St Helena Bay is sheltered from the West Coast winds making it ideal for windsurfing. Other popular water activities include diving, sea kayaking, surfing and swimming in rock pools. Seasonal Southern Right Whales visit the Atlantic coastline during their calfing season, and dolphins can also be spotted. Wheat fields surrounding St Helena Bay provide for a number of hiking trails. History enthusiasts can visit the Vasco da Gama Monument and Vasco da Gama Nautical Museum.