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Still Bay is a beautiful resort town off the beaten track. You can quite easily spot whales here during the migration period. But whales are not the only creatures that Still Bay is famous for. Eels populate the streams that run close and through the town and some say the eels are so tame that you can feed them by hand.

The best place to see the eels are in the streams in front of the historical "Paling-gat" house, one of the two national monuments in Still Bay. The Still Bay houses are great examples of the unique "Strandveld" architecture.

Another point of interest is the old fish-traps that the Still Bay locals use to catch fish. These traps are no more than stonewalls constructed between the high water and low-water marks. When the tide gets low, the fish are trapped in the pools and are easily caught.

During peak tourist season Still Bay is alive with sunbathers, swimmers, and fishermen. Tours are available to Melkhoudsfontein, where most of the occupants are descendants of the Khoi-San, who were the original inhabitants. Close to the settlement is a small botanical garden named "Soete Inval". In this garden are most of the herbs that the Khoi has been using for ages for medicinal and cooking purposes.