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Said to be the fastest flowing river in the country, the Khoisan people originally named the Sundays River Nukakamma - meaning 'grassy water', because the Sundays River's banks are always green and grassy, despite the arid terrain through which it runs.
Bolstered by the waters of the Great Fish River, the Eastern Cape, Sundays River roams towards the Indian Ocean, past the Addo Elephant National Park and the Zuurberg mountains, and through the Sundays River Valley - the 'Valley of Oranges', where during October the fragrance of orange blossoms permeates the warm air.

The small holiday hamlet of the Sundays River itself, is nestled amongst rolling hills and sand dunes (typical of the Eastern Cape), and is where many holiday makers from Port Elizabeth and East London, who seek Sundays River accommodation come to enjoy the tranquil Sundays River environment, and convenient proximity to beautiful Eastern Cape beaches.

The outdoor adventurer will find that the Sundays River offers fishing, canoeing, hiking, ballooning and micro light flights - all popular leisure activities appreciated by everyone visiting this Eastern Cape area. There are Sundays River tours conducted on a regular basis, which introduces visitors to the flora and fauna of the Sundays River area, particularly the birds. Sand-boarding is also a very popular sport, taking advantage of the gorgeous dunes across the Sundays River. The avid golfer may consider a few hours in the day to try out the Kirkwood Golf Club, which boasts an interesting little nine-hole golf course. Another great place to spend a sporting afternoon is the Addo Polo Club, which offers polo, tennis, cricket and squash......and of course easy access to the Addo Elephant Park.

And as if that isn't enough, if you are in the Sundays River, Addo area, you can also enjoy hugely popular, annual Eastern Cape festivals:

- Addo Rose Festival, where sixteen thousand roses of over forty varieties are on display around October each year
- Citrus Carnival, a wonderful Eastern Cape event that takes place annually around August.
- Addo Polo Tournament, held at the prestigious Addo Polo Club.
- Kirkwood Wildlife Festival - game auction where disease free buffalo from the Addo Elephant Park are for sale.

The Sundays River passes the Eastern Cape towns of Kirkwood, Sunland and Addo Village in the fertile Sundays River Valley, then empties into the Indian Ocean near Colchester, which lies on the banks of the Sundays River just 20 minutes’ drive from the bustling town of Port Elizabeth.